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What is Xitalogy?

Xitalogy is an individually owned and operated information technology company based in the USA.

I do technical writing using in-depth code explorations and research. I also do web and software development.

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How do I contact you?

If you wish to contact me to ask about services and pricing, or to comment on my posts, please do so using the contact form below.

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What is my Overall Experience?

Over 30 years of professional computing experience. Almost two decades of technical writing experience (either as a focus or as part of my other engineering duties). Almost three decades software and web development experience.

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What sectors have I worked in?

I have worked in most sectors, including small to enterprise business, government, and aerospace.

Therefore, at Xitalogy, I am flexible enough to work in a variety of environments, on many types of projects, and with diverse groups of people.

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Where did I Work Prior to Xitalogy?

I worked at an aerospace company. I started out doing enterprise server, desktop, and network admin. I transitioned over to embedded avionics software engineering, then simulation development, including hardware integration and some driver and firmware development. I left a senior software engineer.


Where can I find your work?

This website is my online portfolio for my technical and tutorial writing using in-depth code explorations and research, as well as web and software development efforts. You will find technical articles and tutorials touching on various subjects on my blog page.


Code? Example Apps?

Some of my code and example apps are accessible from my Github Profile Page.

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Who did this website? How?

This website is conceived, created, and administered by me. Content written in Markdown (Kramdown) and HTML5, and styled with CSS3. Visual Studio Code development environment with Vim plugin. Website served up via Github Pages.

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Site Generator? Theme?

Sincerest thanks to Jekyll for their wonderful static site generation tools. Based on minima Jekyll theme. When it comes to web design, I appear to be a minimalist...

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Like what you see?

I hope you enjoy rummaging around in my online efforts, and if you feel you can benefit from my knowledge and services, feel free to contact me via my contact form.


How Do I Pronounce Xitalogy?

The pronunciation key for the company name in the header above can be found here.

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